Haímatos (αἷμα / αἵματος ), hīdrṓs (ἱδρώς) and the Fox

In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul wrote:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We have little direct knowledge of life in Ephesus but can make some inference from reading in Revelation what things Ephesus had against it. The greatest of these was that they had lost their first love. 

First love is the love that looks to the heart of a person, rather than on the surface blemishes. The problem in Ephesus was not people that caused this failure of first love, it was instead principles and powers that allowed for the elevation of “false apostles” in their city.  This created a doctrine of power that stole back their first love, and let it die. There is some indication the people of Ephesus began to see this issue, and were in the process of banishing these men calling themselves "apostles". Paul was telling them, in his letter to the Ephesians, the only defense they  had going forward was the armor of God. He cautioned this war was not against any person directly, the war was instead against the principalities that empowered these false apostles and allowed these persons to elevate themselves to a false position and strangle their first love. 

The armor that protects our core, the foundation of our being, is the Breastplate of Faith and Love. Righteousness. These two pieces are bound together by hope which then protects the heart of a man. Hope also protects the mind. But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation.

Throughout all of history individuals have been declared to be “blasphemers”, or “rebellious”, then unjustly condemned simply because  their words ran headlong into the beliefs of those in power. We can infer from those words in Revelation, Ephesus had an issue with false apostles who sowed discord among them and  destroyed their first love. There is more that could be said on this subject but that’s for another time.

The example I give on this site, of being accused of blasphemy, then “eternally judged”, is not an anomaly globally. It has happened many times in the ABC and it has happened many times to others around the globe. This is a principality we must protect ourselves from. This is a principality that gives mere men power over other people then strangles this first love to death. I believe this is the state the church in Ephesus found themselves in and they needed to work to pull themselves out of it.

When one is allowed to instate themselves in a position of power over other men’s souls, assume a title, then have control over others; as what seems to have happened at Ephesus with these false apostles; and are then able to establish followers who will blindly follow, without questioning, that person will, by the course of human nature, acquire an inflated ego. This “leader” will feel they have the right to squash any dissent, or variation of perspective other than their own. These types of scenarios have played out throughout all of human history and will until time ends. This is why the scriptures tell us we must guard ourselves against these principalities that give power to these “leaders”, and cause them to be lifted up with pride. In reality, our fight, our war, is not with any man (or woman) directly, it is with the power structure behind these men (or women) that allow them free license to maim and destroy.

One of the books my father had on his bookshelf, and read often, was called  “Fox’s Book of Martyrs”. This book is a retelling of stories of those who had been beaten, beheaded, and even burned alive because they made statements that ran counter to the established religious views of the leaders of their day. My story would not be found in that book, and I have not personally witnessed any beheading or individuals burned alive by the ABC, or any other religious organization for that matter, but what I have witnessed is people who have been spiritually, and emotionally, battered with words of intimidation and false accusation. This has always been initiated by men with inflated egos who were given their power through this principality, or doctrine, of superiority. This is not in line with a doctrine of first love.   

What I have learned is this sort of thing happens all across the globe when hate begins to replace first love. If it is not love, it is hate to a varying degree. These egos strike at the hearts and minds of others. And, while people did not lose years off their longevity like those beheaded or burned, this type of spiritual abuse has left a great many scars on a great many people that will never completely heal. This is the state of the ABC today, and it has been caused by the embracing of an erroneous doctrine traceable back to a meeting my father attended when Bob Mumford was introducing the doctrine of shepherding and discipleship to Seattle. (The Charismatic Movement, which predated the Shepherding Movement by about a decade, actually began in Seattle with a defrocked Episcopal priest named Dennis Bennett and Mumford was actually just adding another layer to this movement.)

This has proven to be an erroneous, very harmful doctrine. All those involved in its birth have publicly stated it was a false doctrine that destroys lives, steals love. This doctrine is still embraced by the ABC and by many other denominations.

"...Mumford decided that he needed to publicly ‘repent’ of his responsibility in setting up a system where so many people were hurt by misuses of authority. “Some families were split up and lives turned upside down,” says Mumford. “Some of these families are still not back together.” Bob Mumford at the Christian Believers United Meeting, as reported in Charisma & Christian Life, February 1990 edition.

Years ago, I heard the ABC, the church my father started in our living room in the 1960's, had started a radio program called “Come Let Us Reason Together with Gilbert and Friends”, hosted by Gilbert Larson, from Gilbert Arizona then, Red Bluff California now. The title is in total opposition to the reality of the ABC. My final encounter with the “leaders” of the ABC, was when they, following the absolute guidance of Gilbert Larson, the named “apostle” of the ABC, enticed me to an ambush through lies and deceit. At this ambush I was declared to be a “blasphemer” forever and ever, for all of eternity, and the demeanor of all present was hostility without examination. All in the room were acting blindly and following the orders of "the apostle".  I was told, at this ambush, per “apostle” Gilbert Larson’s instructions, I would not be allowed to speak or defend my alleged “blasphemous words”. I was told I had already been “eternally judged”, before I ever arrived at the ambush, so there was no reason for me to speak in my own defense or offer any clarification of my words. In essence, my hands were tied, my mouth was gagged, and the intent was to then beat and flog me with words of accusation for an hour or three. This is not love, this is hate. Hate is a work of the flesh.  

I refer to a few words from the Proverbs,

He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him. Proverbs 18:13

This sort of hostile technique, which I witnessed, as well as experienced, many times over many decades in the ABC is plainly wrong. It is a doctrine of demons as Satan is the accuser, not God. If one takes it on themselves to accuse and condemn a man for all of eternity, without investigation, it is they who are flinging the fiery darts that destroy, just as was written to the Ephesians.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God Day and night.

This was the first time I had seen this “discipline” being taken to the level of  “eternal” and this is quite far from “Come Let Us Reason Together”. The ABC purports to be open to reasoning, but this is a lie and a ruse to draw in the unwary. The ABC is not about “reasoning together”. It has not been about "reasoning together" since very early on. All the way back to just beyond those Wilcrest Apartment days in the early seventies. This is when the ambushes began. This is when others had begun to be attacked in the same manner, just not into the eternal. Eternal is a long time.

The ABC is about being given specific instructions, and being expected to follow those instructions without deviating. It is about saying nothing if those instructions seem cruel and wrong, out of fear that same wrath may fall back on you. That is domination and control, and this is what the ABC is truly about. Domination and control of men’s souls, not freedom. 

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. 

I had been warned, by a reputable source, Gilbert Larson’s (the “apostle’s”) goal was to sideline me in some way since he felt I “knew too much about the history of the church” and “might begin to talk to the new babes”. I am quoting the words as they were directly spoken to me. I actually had no intent to speak about those past things and, while this site may not seem it, there is actually very much more that will remain untold. This person also told me Bruce Leonard, who called himself the “ruling elder”, had a big target on my back, and I needed to bow to his authority and follow his instructions, or I would eventually pay a heavy price. This is not “reasoning together”. This is not righteousness (faith, love) peace or joy, and it is not Godly.  It is submission and bondage and those are not found in the Kingdom of God. I passed off these comments because I did not truly understand how intense and brutal the ambush would be that would soon follow.  

Not long before I was determined to have eternally “blasphemed”, Gilbert Larson (the “apostle”) had come to Vancouver, set up a special meeting at one of the grange halls, then informed us all who were teachers we were only allowed to teach my dad’s teachings, and nothing else. Period. He had in hand a book of the “accepted teachings” of Ramon A Haas, the founder of the ABC. If it wasn’t in this book, he stated, it could not be taught in the ABC.  I was one of a small chorus of voices that protested this rule set down by Gilbert, the “apostle”. I had no intention of following that order and know for certain this put me high on his “bad list”. I am sure this was one of the “demerits” that led to my eventually being declared a “blasphemer for all of eternity”.  Another reason being that I had notes in my possession for the Creation teaching, which, according to Bruce Leonard, the “ruling elder”, was off limits to anyone except the “apostle”. Never mind these were notes I had personally prepared for my dad during those many hours of research at the library when I was avoiding being locked in my room at home, for some unknown “rebellion” on my part. The expectation was that I would hand over these notes so they could be sent to “the apostle”. I refused to hand over the notes and was told by this “ruling elder” I was being “rebellious”. These were my personal notes I had had since I was a teen, and this was total nonsense.

We are to be led by the Spirit, not by Ramon A Haas, Gilbert Larson, or any other man. If I teach, it is open to “reasoning together” in peace and safety, not the expectation of a delayed hostility should we not see eye to eye on a matter. Teaching is intended for building up, not tearing down. There is no man who has it all “nailed down”. It's an unachievable goal. 

Prior to the ambush, I had already been labeled as a “blasphemer” several times, yet I still got calls from the local “elders” asking I teach at their house.  In hindsight I realize this was likely a way to lay a trap, so I could be taken by my words. When I taught, there always seemed to be an excess of questions from certain persons trying to determine if I had properly researched the Greek. One person in particular was very contentious each time I taught at their house. That final night, after which I am reported to have “blasphemed for all of eternity”, the questions and contentions over Greek words had become so intense I could barely get out a sentence or two before I found myself challenged and quizzed. I eventually stopped my teaching, leaned forward, and stated we needed to admire the beauty of God instead of contending over words so much. It is clear, in hindsight, there were persons who had been instructed by Bruce Leonard, the “ruling elder” to keep a record of what I taught, then report it back to him each time. I cannot prove this definitively, but know it is likely true since, prior to the ambush, I had repeatedly been “called on the carpet” by this man who had given himself the title of “ruling elder”. I found myself often severely misquoted, with my words taken in isolation, rather than put into context, and there was no “reasoning together”. As one example, I had given a teaching and used the verse Re, 12:12 which reads; Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” I made mention that beings in the heavens rejoiced, but the earth would see woe. This was then fed back to me later by the "ruling elder", who was not present for the teaching, that I had created a teaching on UFO's and "space aliens" and he wanted to know why.  I had said nothing of the sort but, apparently, one person in the room took my one sentence to mean "space aliens". This same "ruling elder", just weeks later, gave a teaching and, in his teaching, referred to angels, seraphim, etc. No one blinked an eye or reported this man for speaking of "space aliens". This is not the ways of God, which are peaceable.

At the ambush, Bruce Leonard, the “ruling elder” and friends, had a full notebook delineating the many accusations of the alleged “blasphemies” I had committed.  My underlying message for years has always been this. There is a simplicity, not a complexity, in Christ (2. Corinthians 11) and serving God and keeping his commandments is the whole duty of man (Ec. 12:13). This never sat well with those who wanted to bind others with burdens hard to bear. When I learned, at the ambush, I was to be gagged, then condemned as a blasphemer for all of eternity, I stood, gave all a genuine hug, but did not stay for the reading of the pages and pages and pages of accusations against me. I have no idea what those remaining points were and do not care. I will let Satan do this for them. This is not the mind of Christ, our propitiation, and is likely the same devilish doctrine that destroyed the first love of those in Ephesus. The existence of this doctrine can be proven by the acceptance of most to simply no longer be a friend or even speak with me in peace, because the “apostle” and the “ruling elder” had commanded it. Some even turned and ran when they saw me in a store. Is this love, or is it hate?  “Reasoning Together” or disobeying an order, no matter how cruel, are not tolerated in the ABC. If one disagrees, or has a differing perspective, they can assume, at some future point, they too will be treated very harshly, deceptively and be condemned for all of eternity. I assure you; no one is spared this potential wrath.

One of the previous instances where I am said to have blasphemed was at one of my Saturday teachings. This time I was alleged to have blasphemed against Christ so, this time it wasn’t for all of eternity, just a short raking over the coals. One must bear in mind the ABC goal is to “nail everything down to its most precise exact definition in the Greek”. Going counter to any accepted doctrine, by even the most minor variation, can bring about swift, and sometimes brutal, reprimand. This was the case this time.

In this teaching I am considered to have “blasphemed” Christ when I related the story of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, when he knew he was soon to die.  Luke described this moment as, “And being in agony he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.”

I mentioned in my teaching Jesus, at that moment, when he was in great agony, suffered a human medical condition called hematidrosis. This is a condition in which blood enters the sweat glands, causes them to rupture and swell and the sweat becomes enlarged and bloody. This condition is only brought about by a person in extreme anguish and is exactly, precisely, what is described in Luke’s account of Jesus in the garden. We must not forget; Luke was a physician and he spoke as one who was a physician.

The backlash was immediate. It was declared to me, Jesus was God, was therefore perfect, and could not possibly have suffered such a human condition. My words were considered blasphemy against Jesus.   

This is not reality. Luke states Jesus was in extreme anguish. Anguish is extreme pain, distress, or anxiety and is exactly the condition that brings about hematidrosis. He describes his sweat as falling as blood. To attach a label to exactly what Luke (a physician!) described is not blasphemy. To quote from a medical dictionary:

An extremely rare condition characterized by the sweating of blood, which is said to occur when a person is facing death…  It has been seen in prisoners before execution…

There are many other examples of Jesus being in anguish or showing human emotion. I sincerely doubt he was “Spock-like” and exhibited no emotion. Emotion is not sin! We know Jesus had human emotions because even his own family did not recognize he was different. He was emotional when he drove out the moneychangers. Jesus is able to sympathize with our human condition in ALL things because he suffered the human condition just like us. Jesus, per the scripture, set aside the Godhead and became a man fully. Was he not then capable of suffering this human condition?  Of course, he was. We know this is true because he is described as having suffered this exact medical condition in Luke! To report, in a teaching, exactly what was written in Luke and add a medical name to what is described, is not “blasphemy. The term is from Ancient Greek, not Hellenist Greek; haîma/haímatos (αἷμα / αἵματος ), meaning blood, and hīdrṓs (ἱδρώς ), meaning sweat. Blood sweat.

It was described to me, after I taught, that Jesus did not actually shed sweat with blood. This was supposedly some sort of spiritual condition instead that made him seem to shed blood, but he actually didn’t sweat any blood as Luke had stated. It was stated to me Luke was just using this statement to show Jesus was giving more power to his prayer, or something like that. I really did not understand the explanation I was being given and it seemed quite nonsensical. And not to hammer a point home but, those who deny Jesus came in the flesh are deceivers and are of the spirit of the antichrist.  2 John 7.

I speak personally here. I would not want the “Son of God”, who suffered through our human condition, to be something more than human. Otherwise, what’s the point? Would he not then be like all the other “gods” that are elevated above the human condition and lack empathy or care? Think of the Greek and Roman mythologies about the “gods” who sat in the heavens and cast down lightning bolts, or entrapped men in terrors, without any empathy or remorse. Is this really what we want of the true Son of God?  Jesus was born less than the angels and angels are less than mankind. He was rebirthed into being God again when he died and was resurrected. But much of this is actually a mystery to us. Can we really explain all this? Not really. All we can do is accept it for the limited knowledge we have. Isn’t that faith? The substance of things not seen. There was no reasoning together on this point that night and I was declared to have blasphemed Jesus. I stand by my statements though and if that makes me a rebel…so be it. Jesus was a bit of a rebel too. Or is it blasphemy to acknowledge this as well?

The condition I see in the ABC, and other aberrant churches just like it, is many persons have become so “heavenly minded” they are no longer any “earthly good”.  They have leaders among them who have become puffed up with ego and assume they have a better knowledge than all others. These are leaders who think they alone guard secrets only they can reveal.  They then seek to destroy when their egos are inflamed by small disagreements. The ABC is inhabited by people who have shifted their focus from God to a man. This is evidenced by those who wrote to tell me I should not speak against the “apostle”, Gilbert Larson, but then excused this man who calls himself an “apostle” when he commanded lies and deceits be used to entice me to an ambush. The goal of the ambush being to pass on me an eternal judgement, forever and ever, while I was gagged and not allowed to speak. Despite the glaring problems, this was considered to be a “godly act” because it had been commanded by the “apostle”.  Good for the goose, good for the gander? Guess not.

As I have said many times on this site, I focus on the ABC because that is my life experience, but I am calling out all leaders who perpetuate these doctrines. My true contention is with the principalities that have empowered these persons to have undue power over others’ lives.  This information I relate can translate to numerous other church environments, not just the ABC.  I know this as fact because I have conversed with, and read the stories of, many others who have been subjected to similar spiritual abuses at the hands of egotistical men  who have assumed a false title for themselves. There is no hierarchy in Christ Jesus, despite whatever earthly title someone claims for themself. We must look to God, follow the Spirit, and not trust in any man. Even if they falsely claim a title of apostle, prophet, evangelist, ruling elder, etc. Many use these titles to destroy others. Ephesus struggled with false apostles as well.



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  1. Hello Scott. It's Brian Hill again. Hey brother, I'm sorry to have spoken out against you in saying that you shouldn't speak, or " throw mud ", as I think I stated, at certain persons WHOM I have always given the honour I thought I was supposed to. It has been my mother who has admonished me of this when I would try to talk to her as a son needing advice from his mother and would mention TRUTHS about PEOPLE in my life that were acting in prejudicial ways I thought were WRONG. I never got more than half a sentence in when I would be stopped and scolded. So I was sticking up for folks that, as you know, I did not have the full story about. I'm sorry.Now that I have accounts of these acts, It sickens me to think of the UNPROVOKED EVIL DONE TO YOU. I KNOW HOW THESE THINGS FEEL AS I HAVE ALSO BEEN VICTIM OF LIES ABOUT MY HONOUR, MY HONESTY, MY HANDLING OF MY AFFAIRS WITH MY FAMILY ...WEN NOBODY WAS THERE BUT ME. I WAS ALONE AGAINST THE WORLD FRM THE TIME I WAS 12 TO...FOREVER....I DID NOT SEE ANY OF THESE FOLKS ANYWHERE AROUND ME WITH HELPING HANDS AFTER I WAS GIVEN OVER TO THE LAND OF SATAN WHEN I WAS 12. GOOD TIMES.
    IT WAS ME AGAINST THE WORLD. (This letter is hard to comprehend as I don't write well thru tears and this anguish I feel. )