Assembly of the Body of Christ Geneaology


This genealogy has been tweaked a few times since its first inception to make it more readable thanks to the input of others. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive timeline and hits the major points in time only. The Azusa Street Revival caused a number of smaller groups to form but these finally divided, mostly racially, into two main streams; the Assembly of God and United Pentecostal denominations. 

The Sharon Orphanage is associated somewhat with the Assembly of God but that was not always a close or mutual relationship. Eventually those ties ended completely and the Orphanage became a new entity with the goal of reviving the Latter Rain which is perceived to have begun at Azusa Street in 1906. 

There was not a direct working relationship between the Sharon Orphanage and School and the United Pentecostal church, however many of the members of Sharon Orphanage had left the United Pentecostal church to join the movement and brought many of those doctrines with them. This Latter Rain movement would eventually make its way to Seattle WA through James Watt, Derek Prince, Ern Baxter and others. The primary and persistent driver, until his passing, was James Watt, someone known to our family very well. We spent considerable time with Watt and his family until we split from his church and moved to San Juan Island. Upon Watt's passing the expected "Latter Rain" revival had not yet occurred, despite his many prophecies it would. 

There were considerable other influences not present in this timeline. Demos Shakirian and Full Gospel Businessman's Fellowship, Campus Crusade, Kings Teens and many other Christian organizations. 

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  1. I listen to Derek Prince. He did not agree with what Ray Haas and Yvonne did and left the corruptions of that church. Seems the ABC was built off of Ray Haas & the truth of his adultry needs to come out! But Derek Prince was not subscribing to what was hapoening in that church